MCGD Artists’ Salon SERIES

Our Artists’ Salon events are free and allow musicians, dancers, writers, and visual artists to share short works or works-in-progress and engage in dialogue in positive, friendly setting. Our community can look forward to experiencing diversity and socializing with art makers and fellow art enthusiasts. These events take place in the loft space of Marie-Christine Giordano located in Brooklyn. A warm supporting environment for artists to share and see new work.

 Schedule for upcoming Salons. 


How to Participate

If you are a choreographer, musician or visual artist and are interested in presenting work at a Salon, please send an email to and include the following:

—A sample and description of the work you would like to present at the Salon

—The number of performers (maximum 4)

—Any special set-up or equipment requirements (low tech)


Artists must be remain for the duration of the event, and it is expected that they will closely follow their colleagues' work and participate in discussions.

Artist must remain for the whole event until 5PM.

No disposable cups or food containers are allowed on the premises.


Past Participants


Choreographers: Molissa Fenley, Miki Orihara, Adam Barruch, Nathan Trice, Catherine Tharin, Martin Lofsnes, Janice Rosario, Shauna Sorensen, Derek DiMartini, Deborah Chambers, Morgana Rose, Ayoe Kelly, Robert Wilson, Holly Heidt, Kamaria Daily, Eryn Goldstein, Ariane Bernier, Natalie Johnson,  Anna Johannes, Joe Monteleone, Diana Pettersen, Cameron McKinney,  Megan Mizanti, and Marie-Christine Giordano

Musicians: Val Kinzler, Michelle Fury Feuer, Lacy James, Tim Daoust, Gilbert-Michel Rolle, Jim Petrie, Mel Foop, Walter Ego, Paul Fairall, Philip Lynch, and LJ Murphy

Visual Artists: Ric Dragon, Tyler Weeks, David Irving Weiner

Spoken Word: The Shadow, Annie Sauter, Dennis Driscoll