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Marie-Christine Giordano teaching @ Gibney

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2PM to 4PM November 26 to November 30

Marie-Christine will be teaching 2 MCGD repertory excerpts after a well structured warm up.

Giordano’s method and alignment, based on principles of modern dance and ballet she considers valuable, develop strong dancers, granting them the freedom to explore the full potential of their physicality and artistry.

It is a unique approach to movement, incorporating the use of the breath, circular movements, spirals, crisp lines, shift of weight, slow motion, a distinctive dynamic and the capacity to veer from total control to total abandon.

It builds from the inside out and is respectful of a healthy alignment of the back and the articulations. It aims at creating kinesthetic connection in the entire body and movement quality.

Later Event: December 16
Artists' Salon