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Technique and Giordano alignment

Ms. Giordano's technique, based on principles of modern dance and ballet she considers valuable, develops in her dancers a powerful center, granting them the freedom to explore the full potential of their physical and artistic expression. It is a unique approach to movement, incorporating spirals, circular movements, crisp lines, shifts of weight, slow motion, a distinctive dynamic and the capacity to veer from total control to total abandon.

We offer classes that build you from the core/foundation and allows you to give yourself entirely to e-motion (energy in motion). We guide each dancer with comprehensive tools. Our method is respectful of a healthy alignment of the back and articulations, and guides students who want to become dancers and artists seeking a long career. Our process develops from the inside out with power and beauty. We create quality.

Over the past 17 years, Ms. Giordano has offered regular company classes three times a week, trained 31 apprentices to professional status and offered J-1 visas to 8 dancers. Ms. Giordano has been teaching master classes in the US and Europe for the past 15 years.  

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"I am drawn to the visceral movement quality of your work and its attention to detail and precision. I admire the strong importance placed on understanding your specific technique in order to allow your company to have a collective basis in which they move and develop material from. The Giordano technique uses the pelvis, abdominal wall, torso, and trunk muscles as a control center to guide and inform incredibly nuanced movement of subtlety and surrender while also holding the power and stored energy to be explosive and dynamic in range. While the technique itself may appear simple in nature, there is no question that the opposing forces and muscle intelligence of the body is undergoing a great deal of effort and organization in order to execute these movements with the utmost precision and control, as demonstrated by Giordano herself!"  -Alexa Bender, NYC Dancer

"Working with Marie-Christine Giordano and her technique has been one of the most challenging and rewarding dance experiences I have had. Her technique builds on the natural alignment of the body. It requires control of the core, but release of the breath, which allows for the dynamic movement. Breath and alignment empower the mood of the given work. The technique often takes place in parallel position which requires the dancer to develop and open up new parts of the body. The work is raw and comes from an honest natural place while requiring extreme control and accuracy. The movement is not anticipated but rather a result of momentum and design. -Brooke Jones, Company Member

The Giordano Technique asks the dancer to engage in their total self. The challenge for the dancer is to operate in proper alignment while remaining relaxed in mind and engaged in the spirit of the movement. There is an essential intensity to Marie-Christine Giordano's Movement that is distinct and honest. I have gained insight in to my own anatomical habits as a dancer and how these habits manifest outside of the studio just as much as when I am dancing in a formal setting. While studying the Giordano Technique I have realized that the more control I strive to gain, the more freedom I can realize." - Alice Johnston, NYC dancer

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the intensive and working with you this past week! I love how you offered us so much in such a short amount of time. You have a very unique style that is very engaging to watch and also perform. I really learned a lot from you and wish it didn't go by so fast! Please keep me updated on any upcoming intensives and auditions as I would love to continue working with you. Thanks again," -Noelle Giorgi, student, NYC

"You have created beautiful dances that challenged the dancers in wonderful ways. Thank you, Marie-Christine, for making the dancers of my intensive so happy!"
Michael Blake, Artistic Director of the Jazz and Contemporary Program at the Joffrey Ballet School.

"You made your students look so polished and professional, the guys especially....Well done!" --Brian Reeder, Dance instructor, choreographer