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Marie-Christine Giordano Dance Summer Intensive/Audition

Join us for our summer intensive/audition at the Mark Morris Dance Center, August 21 to 24 from noon to 2PM. We will be teaching a  four-day Intensive for dancers and future company members who want to benefit from Giordano TECHNIQUE and ALIGNMENT and learn excerpts of MCGD REPERTORY. The company is looking for 4 DANCERS (diversity a plus) for season 2018/2019 for a total of 10 paid performances.

The workshop will serve as an immersion into Giordano Alignment. It develops a powerful core in dancers by strengthening the muscles of the trunk, granting them the freedom to explore the full potential of their physical and artistic expression.

Space is limited! You will be working in group of 15 dancers to allow plenty of personal attention.

DANCERS ON THE RISE WILL BE OFFERING ONE EMERGING DANCERS SCHOLARSHIP for $145 TO COVER THE COST OF THIS INTENSIVE. DOTR mission is to support artists who exhibit a genuine passion for this art form, who aspire to be the best at their craft, and who purposefully choose dance as a way of life. To qualify, the artist has to come from underrepresented and underserved neighborhoods or from a low income background. If you qualify just write "seeking scholarship" in the subject line.

TUITION: $125 only!

DEADLINE TO APPLY, June 1: Please send a headshot, resume, and video clip to Upon acceptance, you will be asked to make a rsvp fee of $20.

"Ms. Giordano is clearly a choreographer committed to constructing a personal dance vocabulary.”  -Gia Kourlas, The New York Times.

I am drawn to the visceral movement quality of your work and its attention to detail and precision. I admire the strong importance placed on understanding your specific technique in order to allow your company to have a collective basis in which they move and develop material from. The Giordano technique uses the pelvis, abdominal wall, torso, and trunk muscles as a control center to guide and inform incredibly nuanced movement of subtlety and surrender while also holding the power and stored energy to be explosive and dynamic in range. –Alexa Bender, dancer from Canada

Working with Marie-Christine Giordano and her technique has been one of the most challenging and rewarding dance experiences I have had.  The work is raw and comes from an honest natural place while requiring extreme control and accuracy. The movement is not anticipated but rather a result of momentum and design. –Brooke Jones, Former Company member