Moving Forward With Community Arts Leadership


This year, MCGD is fortunate to be among 16 NYC nonprofit organizations chosen to participate in a program called Community Arts Leadership (CAL). The program provides interactive workshops and technical assistance in board development, financial management, and strategic planning. Attending these workshops and working on the tasks assigned by the experts has been one of my favorite parts of working as an intern for MCGD.

It has been fascinating to learn about managing all aspects of running a nonprofit organization, from recruiting board members to planning for long term success. Along with gaining insight from the consultants who lead the seminars, I have enjoyed hearing about the strategies that are used by the other organizations that are taking part in the CAL program. The program participants represent a wide range of cultural organizations, from dance and theater education to visual art preservation. Despite their varied areas of expertise, all of the participants share a fierce commitment to their mission, and dedication to their chosen field.

Now that we have finished about half of the twelve-month curriculum, it is exciting to be putting our new knowledge to work! We are busy analyzing the needs of MCGD, and creating clear plans for recruiting new board members and volunteers who will bring new skills to the company. Marie-Christine is working with two students from a strategic planning course at NYU to develop a viable strategic plan for MCGD’s future, and we are investigating new ways to engage with our local community. After months of administrative work and planning, it is going to be great to have a strong basis for new programs and activities. I can’t wait to see how the plans allow MCGD to grow and flourish in the coming year! 

-Eryn Goldstein

Thought of the day

We believe that art and dance should aspire to be a channel that connects us with the community and breaks walls, a tool for the betterment of humanity, an attempt to reconnect with our spirituality, not an enterprise for solipsistic souls looking for validation and incessant praise. MCG